AgenT Biotech’s Blood Sample Analysis Tech That Detects Proteins In Alzheimer’s Patients With Stunning Accuracy

Patients who are diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease have it tough to begin with. The fear of losing the memory of your loved ones can be stressful not only to you but to the others around you too. The medical field is making immense breakthroughs time and time again, and the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease is getting progressively better.

Although there is no known cure for the disease as of today, certain drugs and personalized medicines have been used to slow down the spread of dementia, which is roughly 60% of the cases of Alzheimer’s disease. 

Alzheimer’s disease can be fatal to anyone if left untreated, and it proceeds to worsen with time. For Alzheimer’s specialists to be able to help patients diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, it is important that they are in the early stages of the disease so that necessary actions can be taken to prevent the spread of the disease to the neurological system.

Intravenous drugs are a major breakthrough that is helping Alzheimer’s patients with their treatment as they target the sticky deposit of plaque in the brain that is developed well before the Alzheimer’s symptoms start appearing. As said earlier, there is no known cure for Alzheimer’s disease. 

The drug is only responsible for slowing the spread of the plaque, giving the patients more time to live their lives as normally as possible. This will spare them, and their loved ones from the suffering stemming from the disease. 

About Alzheimer’s 

Alzheimer’s disease is a brain disorder that targets the neurological system of the patient. This causes the patient to gradually lose their ability to carry out the basic activities they would normally be able to do. The most common characteristic of Alzheimer’s disease is memory loss and confusion.

It affects how the patient lives their lives at a profoundly personal level, and it affects not only the patients but the ones close to them too. It is physically challenging as well as mentally challenging for a lot of others around the patient. The memory is impacted to the point that it becomes difficult for them to remember the basics, which further impacts their ability to carry out the daily activities they would typically carry out had they not been ill.

The brain is responsible for almost everything a person remembers and does, and without it functioning at the best of its capabilities, it can put the patient at risk of dying. The drugs slow down the spread of Alzheimer’s in the neurological system of humans, giving them time.

Why Get Checked Earlier

The current medication does not provide any cure for Alzheimer’s disease. However, the drug aducanumab (Aduhelm) may potentially delay the clinical decline and lessen the symptoms attributed to Alzheimer’s disease, which are commonly loss of memory and confusion. 

Therefore, if diagnosed earlier with the disease, it allows the patients to benefit from the treatment. In order to participate in the clinical trials, it is important that the diagnosis be made earlier, which makes the patients eligible for participation. 

Agent Blood Tests

Aduhelm is itself a progressive drug that allows the elderly to benefit from the drug and live their lives as healthily as possible while they can, provided the patient is diagnosed at the early stages. 

The detection of Alzheimer’s disease in its early stages proved to be challenging before the invention of AgenT blood tests. The silent phase is known to be the stage of Alzheimer’s where there are the fewest symptoms visible for a patient diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. The AgenT’s blood test is integrated with machine learning and multi-omics biomarkers signals to detect Alzheimer’s.

The AgenT biotech ensures that advanced biotechnology enables patients to receive the earliest diagnoses through routine screening for different types of cancer, including Alzheimer’s, detected through blood tests. There is hope for the prevention of Alzheimer’s disease if it is detected earlier.

Cognes And Alzheimer’s Disease

Cognes provides premium solutions to patients diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease by providing them with personalized medication that is best suited for where they are on their journey.

The treatments offered by Cognes are not only affordable for the patients but scalable too. This gives the patients a space to take their time to recover from Alzheimer’s, while the possibility of finding a cure for Alzheimer’s is still high as of now. The patients can go about carrying out their everyday tasks without having to compromise their health.

The chart below details the efficacy of Cognes in the Alzheimer’s domain.


Alzheimer’s disease is one of the dreadful diseases that target brain functioning. When left untreated, the brain gradually becomes weaker and shrinks, and the person loses their ability to perfect their daily tasks. There is no cure for the treatment. However, if detected at an earlier stage, it can prevent the patient from deteriorating.

The patient would not have to go through the painful and more extreme symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease that way. The treatment of Alzheimer’s disease is only that of medications, which decline the plaque’s growth in the brain responsible for the disease. 

If Alzheimer’s specialists can detect the plaque well before their condition worsens, the patient can get relief from their illness much faster and carry out their everyday activities. It is possible for them to live their lives without having to go through experiencing Alzheimer’s disease symptoms.

The detection of Alzheimer’s disease is itself a major breakthrough that has allowed many patients to be spared from having to go through the painful stages of Alzheimer’s. The AgenT blood tests enable specialists to recognize Alzheimer’s and different cancers before they develop into their deadly stages and thus prevent their growth.

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