Pioneering Early Dementia Detection

Digital Vision & Non-Invasive Screening

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Transforming Dementia detection and diagnosis

Early detection is the key to improving the lives of those suffering from one of the many kinds of dementia. Our mission is to empower healthcare providers, researchers, and individuals with the ability to detect dementia early on.

Digital innovation that fits in your pocket

Successful early screening of digital biomarkers of dementia can radically transform dementia care with a digital screening solution powered by machine-learning image-based analysis, hosted on any mobile device, and available to anyone.

A new standard of preventive dementia care

Aligned with public health strategies, we are revolutionizing dementia care through a scalable, innovative, accessible, and efficient screening that can be monitored over time.

The Goal

"Aiming to Revolutionize Global Healthcare Through Digital Innovation"

Our mission is to leverage cutting-edge digital technologies, such as machine learning and computer vision, to democratize healthcare access worldwide. By fostering cross-border collaborations, we are committed to developing advanced screening solutions that mitigate the onset of cognitive decline through early detection and timely interventions.

The Impact

"Transforming Lives and Healthcare Systems Through Cognitive Health Solutions"

Our innovative approaches in digital healthcare are not just groundbreaking—they have the potential to save lives and transform healthcare systems globally. By focusing on the early detection of indicators of cognitive decline, including dementia, we are opening new doors for preventive healthcare. This enables timely interventions that can dramatically improve the quality of life for patients while fostering sustainable growth for communities around the world.

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Machine-learning tool for scalable early dementia detection.

Cognes is designed with user simplicity in mind. The process of capturing relevant data is seamless, making it accessible to users of all ages and technical backgrounds.

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