A Cost-Effective Screening Tool For Identifying Early Stages of Dementia

Early, economic, and easy.

Detect dementia before severe cognitive symptoms set in.

What is Cognes?

A smartphone app that enables early Dementia detection in minutes.

How does it work?

This SaaS-based screening solution detects digital biomarkers to empower healthcare providers with data-driven insights that can influence patient outcomes in the long run.


Seamlessly integrates into healthcare systems


Serves as a valuable resource for academic research


A Scalable tool that can handle high demand

Cognes uses AI-enabled Machine Learning to analyze.

Before the symptoms of Dementia manifest, there are changes that take place within the brain,that which were previously detectable only by MRI.

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Facial images

Cognes uses A.I. to analyze faces for early signs of internal brain changes.

Cognitive assessment data

Cognes employs A.I. to scrutinize cognitive data, detecting potential dementia indicators.
To identify external indicators of potential internal changes.

Addressing a critical gap in early detection of dementia, our platform caters to an urgent market need for reliable, scalable, and cost-effective diagnostic solutions.

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