an innavation that reads your face


Sandra Challma, a seasoned expert in neuropsychology and imaging research, now leads Cognes Medical Solutions as its CEO, propelled by a personal journey sparked by her mother’s cognitive decline. Recognizing the scarcity of resources in healthcare, Sandra seized an opportunity to bridge the gap, dedicating herself to optimizing Cognes as a pioneering screening tool for early dementia detection, aiming to revolutionize global healthcare through digital innovation. With over 50 million cases of dementia worldwide, the urgency for proactive solutions is evident.

Cognes introduces a smartphone-based solution designed to swiftly and non-invasively identify individuals at risk of dementia, emphasizing the significance of early intervention in preserving quality of life. Sandra’s frustration with the existing healthcare system’s limitations fueled her investigative spirit, leading her to join forces with business partner Filip Peters, whose machine learning model detects subtle facial cues indicative of dementia. This shift from academia to entrepreneurship has been met with fulfillment, as Sandra passionately pursues Cognes’ mission to integrate preventive measures into healthcare systems, thereby extending and improving lives globally. Through strategic partnerships and ongoing research, Cognes endeavors to refine its technology for widespread implementation, aiming to revolutionize dementia screening and management with its innovative approach.

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