Brain disorders are the most difficult to deal with. Eventually, everything you do or can do is limited simply because one’s brain is deteriorating. One of the most talked-about brain disorders is Alzheimer’s disease. It is often caused by dementia and takes a toll on a lot of people.

For people entering their older years, Alzheimer’s disease is very common and can create day-to-day problems in a person’s life. This is inconvenient and damaging for millions of people. Not only do people start to lose their memory, but their physical activities also become limited. It is often heartbreaking to see a loved one going through these tough times when they can’t perform the simplest of tasks. 

However, because it is a serious condition, it is critical that it be detected as early as possible. But first, let’s talk about Alzheimer’s disease.

Alzheimer’s Disease

Alzheimer’s disease is a neurological disorder. It eats away at the brain and is caused by declining brain activity. This simply means that the brain cells often die. The more time passes, brain cells die at a faster rate. This affects a person’s neural activity and, ultimately, their physical activity.

Therefore, an Alzheimer’s patient might undergo a steady to steep decline in social and behavioral skills. What most people don’t realize is that Alzheimer’s disease simply does not cause a person to lose memories or forget things. It also means that the patient might become dependent on another human being for the simplest of chores. They will require support at a certain point in their lives.

This disease can often lead to the death of an individual and is identified in people over the age of 60. However, that does not mean that people under the specified age are immune to Alzheimer’s. The presence of the AD gene can mean that the symptoms may start to show early.

Importance Of Early Detection

Alzheimer’s disease has no cure. Because the disease is incurable, it is difficult for many patients and their loved ones to accept their reality. It can be overwhelming to become dependent on someone for the basics or to watch a loved one fall ill from the disease. The entire process can be hopeless. However, the absence of a cure does not mean that things cannot get better.

There are numerous treatments in the world that could slow down the decline of brain activity. And this is only possible with early detection. Here are some of the reasons why early detection of Alzheimer’s disease is important:

1. Reversing Causes Of Alzheimer’s Disease

Certain causes of Alzheimer’s disease are reversible. However, this is more likely to happen when Alzheimer’s disease is detected earlier. Some people often don’t want to spend the time and resources to check this area out.

Cognes has a 5-minute diagnostic test that can get you the answers to your questions. Therefore, by taking the test, you can then proceed to rule out reversible causes. These often mean vitamin deficiencies, thyroid disease, and delirium. Normal-pressure hydrocephalus is also one of them.

2. Higher Effectiveness Of Medication

While medications cannot cure the disease, they do slow down the process. Why is that? Many medications can tackle the symptoms and causes of Alzheimer’s disease. However, research and practice have shown that patients who take the drug in the early stages of their disease are prone to improvement in their lives. Their deterioration process slows down by a significant mark. 

3. Better Access To Medical And Financial Facilities

Early detection of Alzheimer’s disease can help people get better access to medical and financial facilities. Apart from having the time to research their opportunities, people also have the time to get access to these opportunities. This means they can plan their treatment, have enough savings by the time their disease gets worse, or mend some family matters that need addressing.

4. Allows For Families To Adjust

Many families are often in a state of shock when they realize a loved one has Alzheimer’s disease. It is truly a sad state of affairs. This is why early detection is important. It can help people adjust and accept what is going to happen. Their expectations become more realistic, and they can take the necessary measures. This often includes improving safety for the Alzheimer’s patient so they don’t face any problems. 

5. More Opportunities To Stay Informed

Early detection allows people to stay informed about the procedure. There are many myths and rumors about Alzheimer’s disease and how it often means only the loss of memory.

That’s not true. This may cause people to be misinformed and create unrealistic expectations, which can be dangerous when reality does not match expectations. Once diagnosed, the patient and the related parties can inform themselves about what happens and what they should expect. This will cause them to prepare better.  

6. Higher Participation In Clinical Trials

Clinical trials are a chance for people. They allow people to have access to drugs and medication that may prove to be helpful in their recovery. They are a chance at life, and the earlier Alzheimer’s is detected, the more chance there is for people to participate in a clinical trial. 

Most people don’t get tested earlier for Alzheimer’s disease because of financial or time constraints. This is where Cognes helps you out. The minimum 5-minute test will give you access to a diagnostic test that is much cheaper than the hospital. The method is accurate and will provide you with results within a short span of time.

Imagine all the benefits you could get if you or anyone you know has Alzheimer’s disease. You could go for it right now. After all, it is always better to be safe rather than sorry. Enjoy more time with loved ones and allow the patients to have a better quality of life for a longer period of time. Time never goes back. Make sure that Alzheimer’s patients have more time in their lives as healthy people.

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