Cognes uses speech technology from Winterlight Labs to help detect different types of dementia in patients. The technology can identify these disorders in their early stages. 

Alzheimer’s disease starts manifesting by affecting one’s speech; thus, the use of speech analysis can provide valuable diagnostic data. Winterlight Labs uses AI technology to detect the signs more sensitively. 

This disease has adverse physical, emotional, and mental effects on its patients. However, Cognes accurately diagnoses the patient’s communicating abilities using this technology. 

Some of the benefits of using speech analysis include the following: 

1. Early Diagnostics 

Winterlight Labs equipment quickly detects the presence of AD, even in its early stages. Cognes uses this technology to detect even the tiny speech changes brought about by the disorder. 

The patient gets proper health care and medication to help control the condition. They can also conduct a self-assessment test to track the disease.

2. Reliable 

The machine Cognes has used artificial intelligence to collect and analyze extensive data. The data is then analyzed using algorithms. The two work together to minimize human errors. 

The results are then presented quickly and accurately, and they do this with an accuracy of 82% or more. Speech analysis equipment allows Cognes to serve a good number of patients in a day. 

3. Fast and Accurate Results 

The computer algorithms are used to analyze more than 400 different variants of AD. This technology also gets complimented by pre-defined bigrams and trigrams to process the findings. These factors work together to effectively analyze tonality, evaluate audio patterns, and draw conclusions quickly. 

After the test is completed, the analytics technology provides the patient’s performance score. The system presents its findings conveniently by utilizing graphs, tables, and other visual aids. 

4. Cost-Effective 

Most of the available Alzheimer’s disease tests are expensive, and many patients find it hard to cover the bills. However, Cognes uses speech analysis to provide an affordable option for its clients. They offer their services at fair prices to accommodate everyone. 

5. Better Treatment 

After a close examination of the disorder, Cognes can determine the extent of the damage. This then helps prescribe the best treatment options to help control the condition. Although there is no cure for AD, patients can get counseling and advice on lifestyle changes to slow down the condition’s progress. 

About Winterlight Labs 

Winterlight Labs provides speech-based cognitive assessment equipment that helps analyze snippets of speech and AI to detect the presence of AD. Their assessment is fast, objective, and stress-free.

The company dedicates itself to helping seniors live a quality life. Since 2015, they have excelled in making quick and reliable speech analysis equipment for their clients. 

How Does Alzheimer’s Disease Affect One’s Speaking Abilities?

Alzheimer’s disease is known to destroy a person’s brain cells, leading to ‘aphasia.’ ‘Aphasia’ is a condition where one loses the ability to speak and understand. The situation worsens as the disease progresses. 

It is common to find people suffering from AD having difficulties speaking. The symptoms are adverse in those with frontal temporal dementia. 

People with dementia find it hard to remember or learn new phrases. They also find themselves confusing the meaning of words. It is hard for AD patients to follow through when spoken to, especially if the speaker talks quickly. 

Thus, there was a need to use these shortcomings to help detect the progression of Alzheimer’s disease in patients. 

How Speech Analysis by Cognes Works 

Patients showing signs of the disorder are recorded as they perform short cognitive vocals. Cognes then processes these voice recordings. During the process, they extract the first vocal marker using speech signal processing. 

They use the vocal marker to assess the power and extent of the disease. Cognes also incorporates three major phases to generate the patient’s performance score:

First, patients get different photos of similar objects, and they are to identify them. They are to describe the objects in about 45 seconds. Information about their response rate is collected from the observations made. 

Once done with the first step, the machines from Winterlight Lbs then record the findings and transfer them to a cloud-based system. This system then processes and transcribes the words. Here is when the technology considers more than 400 variants to determine the extent of the ad. 

In the final stage, the system generates a performance score for the patient. Cognes specialists use this to offer proper healthcare to their clients. 

Cognes also uses other methods, such as video monitoring and autograph, to examine a patient’s condition effectively.  

Solutions to Living with Patients with Speech Problems 

If you have a loved one suffering from AD, you may have experienced challenges in communicating daily. The Cognes team acknowledges this, and here is some advice to help you communicate effectively. 

  • Sing along 

Patients who have dementia remember songs well. This is because music gets stored in a part of the brain not affected by the disorder. You can also listen to music together as a way of bonding. 

  • Use your native language 

It is common for such patients to switch to their first language when communicating. If you want them to understand, you also have to use their native language. 

  • Minimise destructions 

Alzheimer’s disease patients get distracted fast. For you to communicate effectively, you should try to minimize these distractions. You can start by turning the radio or television off. As you communicate, it is best if you sit down and talk face-to-face. Do this in a calm and quiet space. 

  • Announce yourself 

When you walk into the room, you should approach them from the front to give them time to process. As you get closer, announce yourself and address them by name. This makes them aware of who you are and gets their attention. 


Cognes uses speech analysis technology to take care of its clients. It helps them detect the different forms of dementia at an early stage. The process is highly accurate, cost-effective, reliable, and offers better AD diagnosis and treatment. 

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